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Arc Light- Calcium

arc light calcium Arc Light  Calcium

This is psychedelic pop, I guess, if you are inclined to qualify this sound.  Unique, sometimes brooding, you definitely get the feeling that the  tracks from Arc Lights new album, Calcium, are at the same time trying to hide and reveal something that is approaching a distinct language of the receiver and transmitter antennae attached to to this swirling hypnotic banquet.  Inspirations come from nowhere and everywhere, there is a definite feeling of avoiding and accepting marginalization that comes from concealing and shaking a pure instinct, to transcribe a communication that is entirely possessed by Arc Light.  Calcium.   It’s what bones and teeth are made of.  It’s all ready for anyone.  These are musical bones and musical teeth.  Listen to all of them when you want to relax say I.  Available for a two buck digital purchase HERE.

Article by Andrew Wheeler

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