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Ggle Highs

ggle highs Ggle Highs

Ggle Highs borrow from the old masters in terms of crafting dark masterpieces in the minimalist synth vein, but unlike most bands who attempt to pull off the hypnotic 80s creep-club sound they manage to keep it interesting by constantly shifting strategies and working in interesting elements — e.g., “Whoa… was that… a pan flute?!?” The tracks pulse and writhe and demand and manage to keep the dance party rolling all the while. Take a listen to “The First Suicide Ever” and note the careful build, the haunted house vocals, and of course the magic that unfolds right around 3:30 when the drums and keys make a sprint for the finish. Get yourself a listen over at Soundcloud, then make sure to add them to your IT’S 3AM AND I’M PARANOID BUT STILL PARTYING playlist.

Download more tracks via Ggle Highs soundcloud page HERE

Article by Kelly Schirmann

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