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LF Stores “Fearless Future”

lf1 LF Stores Fearless Future

I present to you, ladies (sorry gentlemen, not this time), a post highly concentrated of denim cut-offs, aztec-print blouses, sundrenched fabrics, bright colours, fringes, and toussled hair. Yes, California, or any place in the world at which vitamin C plays a role nearly 365 days a year, may not be following exact trends presented at destinations of colder climates, but we (and by we, I mean all of you who share my pain of not being able to go prance around without the essential sweater most days in a year) can all still dream of lovely weather…and the outfits to come with it.

lf2 682x1024 LF Stores Fearless Future

Here are photos from LF Stores “Fearless Future” 2011 editorial. The photos scream a sense of youth, wandering, and curiosity, and kind of make you want to take a spontaneous roadtrip. I absolutely adore the hazy glare of the photos, bold fabrics, and pretty much every item of clothing that was styled into the theme of this shoot. Such inspiration, coming from a girl who literally experienced periods of rain, sun, and hail all in one day. Nonetheless, I am still Califonia dreamin’.

lf3 LF Stores Fearless Future

lf11 LF Stores Fearless Future

lf6 LF Stores Fearless Future

lf7 LF Stores Fearless Future

lf8 LF Stores Fearless Future

Source: www.fashiongonerogue.com

By: Karissa Macapagal

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