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Kuh del Rosario

KUH DEL ROSARIO 2 Kuh del Rosario

The sculptor Kuh del Rosario left the Philippines with her family at a young age to start a new life in Alberta, where she received a BFA in painting in 2003. She moved to Vancouver in 2007 after years of calling Alberta home, but says her childhood in Manila is her greatest source of inspiration.

KUH DEL ROSARIO 2art1 890x846 Kuh del RosarioThe worn concrete buildings and scrap-built shanties of Del Rosario’s neighbourhood are reborn in her work, which appear, at first glance, to comprise stacks of foam, cement, wood, and plastic with painted surfaces. These recall the textures and shapes of her childhood surroundings and, more importantly, reveal the true nature of the materials.

KUH DEL ROSARIO1 Kuh del Rosario
Del Rosario presents the cracks, uneven edges, and dripping paint as evidence of the interaction between the different materials, as well as interaction between the materials and the builder/artist. We can see every layer in a structure and every stroke from the builder’s hand. From her first exhibit in 2002 to “Poetics of Foam in Space” (held in Victoria, BC) this year, Del Rosario has been generously showing us her past and process in each of her sculptures.

KUH DEL ROSARIO W Kuh del Rosario

Article by Monica Wang

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