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Unearthen Necklace’s

unearthen2 Unearthen Necklaces

Unearthen medium Black Tourmaline crystal bullet necklace

Who says that old metal, used for the sole purpose of being loaded into a gun, can’t be used for adorning your neck instead? And crude oil? What about compost, or a bit of the Pacific Ocean? Don’t let the badassery of the bullets, or mention of nature’s resources tarnish the idea of what a great piece of jewellery looks like, because Unearthen certainly lets the vision of their brand reflect (literally) throughout each of their unique creations. Just by surfing popular blogs and other affiliates, their bullet necklaces, embedded with precious stones like amethyst, black tourmaline, and aqua aura quartz, are seem to be the most popular. Beyond the necklace’s design, each crystal-bullet combination has a different “energy,” depending on the chosen crystal, as well as a significant definition behind the use of retired bullets (you can read Unearthen’s description here). Along with the ultra cool demeanour of the crystal-bullet necklaces, Unearthen also offers a selection of jewellery that includes vials of au naturel ingredients (crude oil vial necklace featured above), titanium quartz casted bullets, prism rings, and even watches. Shop Unearthen here, or go to their main site here.

unearth1 Unearthen Necklaces

Unearthen crude oil vial necklace

unearthen3 Unearthen Necklaces

Unearthen large Aqua Aura Quartz crystal bullet necklace

Article by Karissa M.

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