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ART: L017 artist group

lo17 art ART: L017 artist group

Collaborative artist group L017 is made up of Italian multidisciplinary artists Angelo Bramanti and Giuseppe Siracusa. Bramanti studied video and graphic design at the European Institute of Design in Rome before going on to work freelance with musicians, artists and cultural organizations. Before forming this group the majority of his work was in experimental video art, he produced forward thinking festival art and also created a popular artist blog Acidolatte. Wanting to take time out to focus on his artwork, he joined forces with artist and close friend Siracusa and the two began experimenting with found objects.

l107 ART: L017 artist group

Their contemporary sculptures play on modern day and historic icons, from the “i.God” an iPod framed in gold, to the use of Jesus iconography planted on warped vinyl records in “Fixed Khrist Super Star” the artists combine found objects in an interesting way which also highlights their interest in recycling. Another key component of their work is their use of objects with musical connotations. “Through The Barricades” is face sculptures in warped vinyl and “Syracuse in VHS” is as the name suggests: the Syracuse skyline fashioned from VHS cassettes.

6 vd2 890x667 ART: L017 artist group

L017’s website displays their manifesto:

L017 is a creative thinking
L017 prefers the use of waste materials and recycled objects.
L017 uses any type of media without any discrimination between the various methods of expression: painting, sculpture, installation, graphic work that live together and often get in touch, mingle together.
L017 is ideas, creativity, research, manual labor, testing, color and challenge.
L017 is always looking for new forms and new layouts.

Article by Heather Welsh

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