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White Fence-Growing Faith LP

white fence music1 300x279 White Fence Growing Faith LP

Tim Presley’s new psych jam is so much fun.  It’s opening riff put’s you into a white magic C# trance, and the gleaming black ink vocals come through “And the sea is shallow..” you know you are going to be in for more of what impressed folks out west last year on his self-titled debut.  This is off his Is Growing Faith LP from Woodsist.  I don’t want to lump it in with 60s psychedelia, this music deserves to be heard like a beautiful new surreal fairy tale for adults.  I was really blown away and this song made my afternoon.  Keep your eyes to the sky and check out White Fence for a cracked open peek into what is surely going to be an interesting career to watch.  This B-side compelled me to buy the record.  I need not say no more.  It’s beautiful.

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