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Spike Jonze “The Suburbs”

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I was so enthusiastic when I heard that Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” had won the Best Album of the Year through The Grammy’s. Considering that previous winners have included U-2 and the Dixie Chicks, we can consider ourselves very, very fortunate. Before that, I recall the Google Chrome and Arcade Fire’s collaboration on “Wilderness Downtown”, the first of it’s kind and frankly, amazing creepy in it’s precision. Yet Spike Jonze’s “Scenes from the Suburbs” seems by far the most appealing of all the responses to their highly reviewed album. Running a little over thirty minuets, “Scenes from the Suburbs” premiered at the SXSW with great anticipation and excitement. After all, one can certainly detect the teen angst in just about every release of Arcade Fire’s discography, yet to have it reinterpreted into a military, coming-of-age, post-modern thriller is something entirely unexpected. So my next question is: when the hell am I going to be able to check this out? I’m sure if I Googled around for long enough or searched Russian Facebook (Thank you, Russia, for your lack of intellectual property laws!), I could probably locate it. Unfortunately, it would probably look like all of 12 pixels on a trash can lid. So opposed to ruining the movie due to an inability of receiving a higher quality account of the feature, I am angstiously awaiting it to have some kind of official release nationwide. Till then, enjoy the trailer and once again, congratulations Arcade Fire on the well deserved Grammy: It’s been one grand year.


- Cliff

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