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Gross Ghost’s Wicked Game

l Gross Ghosts Wicked Game

I started going to shows when I was fairly young. A lot of shows. Venues, bars, and random establishments in between, each provided it’s own sense of relief. Yet one particular venue sticks out in my mind, and it is not the notorious Cat’s Cradle. Local 506 was a bar/venue that just had an act for picking acts. I’ll get to my point before I make this one long infomercial: The reason I loved Local 506 was they had this grungy, smoke infested environment with raw, rowdy, and just frankly, real acts in front of you, the kind of acts that are talented but focused more on their own expression to care about promotions or advancements. This may be one of the most exciting assignments to me purely because Gross Ghost was a personal favorite back home and more importantly, Wicked Game does not disappoint. A tropical, lo-fi euphoria, it is both edgy yet far-reaching, taking influences that take at least a couple listens to catch. Monks, Gang of Four, and Tyvek with a far more psychedelic feel are some that come to mind but feel free to discover for yourselves. Favorite song in my opinion you ask? “Soft Focus” just makes you feel so badass that you can’t help to have a cigarette and a shot of whiskey. If none are available, you may want to stock up on some when you take a listen. So why should you care about Gross Ghost? Because their sound represents everything you wish you could be. Don’t believe me? Figured not, so just take a listen and judge for yourself. Here’s to a delightfully Wicked Game.


- Cliff Drake

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