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DOWNLOAD: Dntel remixes Enya

Enya Mixes front DOWNLOAD: Dntel remixes Enya

Look, let’s get things straight: I’m not an Enya fan. I cannot overstate this point. Sounds like melodramatic elves. So why, given my distaste for her music, have I had Enya on repeat all day? I blame Dntel.

For the uninitiated, Dntel is electronics mastermind Jimmy Tamborello of Postal Service fame. Tamborello recently released an album of Enya remixes:

I make music as Dntel, my last few releases have come out on Sub Pop. I’ve loved Enya since I was a teenager and I just finished this mini-album of remixes I did this past fall after a marathon revisiting of her records. I’m really proud of it, but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out a way to give it a legitimate release. I felt like if I tried to get it to her through any of the usual channels it would probably get shut down before it even made it to her ears. Hopefully nobody will mind it floating around, it was made with love and no money will be made off of it. I hope you enjoy it!!   -Jimmy Tamborello

I’m one of those kids who fell in love with the Postal Service’s Give Up at 13––I’ve stopped holding my breath for a follow up, but I’ll still lap up anything Tamborello dishes out.

Remixes like Deireadh and An Tuath are a little too subtle for my tastes, but other tracks like Boadicea and Aldebaran are glitchy enough to provide a healthy distance from the songs they sample. On the whole, I’ve got to say––it’s pretty decent.

Again, I’ve got no interest in Enya, but anything that’s free is worth giving a try, right?

DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE (320k mp3 / 73mb) from Dublab

-Justin Lorentz

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