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Andrea Burgay

andrea burgay art 322 Andrea Burgay

Luring our eyes with layers and layers of the Sublime, Andrea Burgay fascinates us with her complex 2D and 3D creations. In a world where “leftovers” are not appetizing, Burgay scavenges for fragments of eclectic sources and is able to beautifully blend them together. Her compilations demand the time to notice all the unique knots as well as appreciate the overall unified body. Her masterpieces are no soft refuges to your eyes; however, a glimpse will erupt a feeling of intimacy and soak your mind with worthwhile art! A prime example is Burgay’s Forest that not only combines scraps of feet and hands, but also binds them together into a collage of a cohesive jungle.

andrea burgay art Andrea Burgay

Article by Yeari Choi

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