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ART: Alika Cooper

alika cooper art 22 ART: Alika Cooper

Let’s give a warm welcome to L.A. based artist, Alika Cooper for she will most likely give YOU an even warmer greeting back. Her fabric collages and oil paintings incorporate mellow and soft shades that exhibit visions of love. Whether they’re merely grids of stars or a couple’s embrace, Cooper colors these pictures with such warmth and sincerity. Furthermore, she makes sure to use fabrics that remind you of those that were on your nana’s patchwork quilt. The patterns on these collages remind you of the comforting wallpaper that surrounded your kitchen with an occasion square of an exotic tint.

alika cooper art 2 761x1024 ART: Alika Cooper

alika cooper art 33 ART: Alika Cooper

Article by Yeari Choi

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