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ART: Adam Batchelor

art adam batchelor bird bag ART: Adam Batchelor

Adam Batchelor’s drawings are, at first glance, doodles you might find on the back of a notebook. But if you look closer at what he has to offer, these doodles would be on the back of a notebook of a creative person with keen insight.

His collection called “Life etc” is simple in its execution but the message is profound in each image.  The man split in half because to show his outside exterior, tough and rugged, while the left half shows his insides, constructed and structured though seemingly biologically wont while he holds a brush. A portrait of the artist, perhaps?

The other illustrations in this collection show animals compromising their health with a dog running around with a cigarette or a bird with a plastic bag over its head. It’s not necessarily the animals themselves that cause the hurt but rather man made constructions like tobacco or plastic. Even the picture of the fish with chopsticks in its mouth and its body smothered with noodles depict the savagery of humanity.

Batchelor’s other recent collection entitled “Circles” also worth noting. In his artist’s statement, Batchelor explains that these are based on the medium of cartoons and comic stripes that hopefully evoke discussion on the socioeconomic principles of these visuals. With a perfect circumference each picture depicts the tension and fight found in such cartoons like Asterix, Tom and Jerry and the Smurfs, to name a few.

art adam batchelor fish ART: Adam Batchelor

art adam batchelor man ART: Adam Batchelor

art adam batchelor smokingpanda ART: Adam Batchelor

art adam batchelor circle1 ART: Adam Batchelor

By: Sarah MacDonald

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