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An Album in a Month? Yeah, Son Lux Got That

son lux1 An Album in a Month? Yeah, Son Lux Got That

Every year The Wire – a New Hampshire based art/literature/music/film/food publication – poses the RPM Challenge. The RPM Challenge is to create an album in a month – they’ve also chosen the shortest month of the year to do it: February. So in 28 days you’re to create an album of original, unreleased material that is either at least 10 songs or 35 minutes in length. When you’re done, you send the physical copy off to Portsmouth, NH and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with completing something so awesome.

This past February NPR chose to follow artist, Son Lux (aka. Ryan Lott), as he poured everything he had into this Album-in-a-Month project. The entire process was recorded via blog entries, both written and filmed, as people watched with anticipation as to how he was doing from day-to-day. In the nick of time, Lott finished the album and now it’s ready for not only listening, but also release. On April 26th, We Are Rising, Son Lux’s second album and first RPM Challenge, will grace the world with its presence. We Are Rising, although primarily Son Lux’s baby, also includes contributions from members of My Brightest Diamond, The Antlers and Midlake.

If you’re not familiar with Son Lux, get on that, will you? Ambient and layered with loops and vocals that are divinely intoxicating, Son Lux is something of an expert in fusion.

By: Amanda Chatel

Son Lux’s day 28 of the RPM Challenge:

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