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Help Fund Subjective Expressions

subjective expressions 890x806 Help Fund Subjective Expressions

Subjective Expressions is a low-budget independent film currently shooting in Hawaii.  The filmmaker, Dominik Walczuk, is 18 and focusing on experimenting with unique stories, beautiful images and inspirational positive ideas. Dominik grew up with a painter and mime as his parents. He blames them for their artistic inspiration which has been expressed in his script showing the importance of relationships, art and nature.

The film itself revolves around Pan, a wandering female vagabond, who meets up with Feliks, a trash collecting- mask maker. In the story is a parallel world focusing on Aveł, a forest spirit, who loses her own perception of “home”. The same actress who plays Pan also portrays Aveł. The film goes back and forth between both stories.
Pan cleans in exchange for housing- and soon observes Feliks’ lifestyle of collecting something people consider negative: trash, and  turns it into something positive: art. Or more clearly; puppets and masks. The artistic interest sparks a connection between Feliks and Pan who develop a teacher-student relationship.
The visuals feature masks, puppets, and costumes created by the filmmaker and his father, Lee Michael Walczuk.

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“At the moment the film is only able to be shot on weekends as we cannot afford a steady shoot with our current budget. The hope is to get some more financial support in order to have more frequent shoots. I’ve never had a budget before. During my work on Robert Rodriguez’s “Predators” as a camera intern- I saw the importance (and incredible waste) of a budget. Ever since then (Oct. 2009) I’ve been focusing on the idea of a feature film: To have a proper crew with a decent budget for food and essentials. Now I’m finally getting there. Crew size is 1-2 people which is enough for this type of film.  After starting production for almost a month I can now see my limitations.”

Sound, food and travel expenses.  The actors and crew are all volunteers which is purely how this project even exists right now. If possible- we’d like to upgrade some sound equipment, have expenses covered, and be able to have a decent meal for these hardworking individuals.

“We are currently trying to fundraise the film on IndieGoGo with a goal of $1,300. The Deadline Is May 28th. IndieGoGo is a fantastic online fundraising site which allows the fundraiser to offer something in exchange for donations. In our case the final DVD of the film, posters, shirts, etc…”

“Our upcoming shoots are in really beautiful forests which is actually going to be a challenge. As in dealing with the expenses to get the cast/crew there, food, and our limited amount of batteries for the camera.
I hope people can find some beauty in the work which will inspire them to either donate or just share our film. It isn’t necessarily about getting more money- its about building connections and hopefully finding future collaborators. We’d be incredibly grateful if people would share the link to our site or fundraising page. Every person counts.”

You can find the fundraising page on Indiegogo here.

Also check out the blog which contains recent updates about the film here.

“Our approach to the cinematography is very relaxed, organic and natural. We’ve been doing experiments for months to avoid using false lights. Every shot is absolutely beautiful so far.  To get our look we are using the 5D Mark II.  Which is a photography camera with some video features. It has an amazing sensor that allow us to capture light so well and give an amazing photographic look for each set up frame.
I’ve been fortunate enough to screen footage at our local movie theater- which is like a crazy dream. I watched my footage over and over giggling in crazy joy because I had a private theater for myself (and actress) for my OWN movie. Now that is quite a dream. Thank you for your support.”

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