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LABEL SPOTLIGHT: 100% Silk Records

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One of our favorite labels/blogs of all time right now is 100% Silk ran by Amanda of La Vampires.  Go check it out now, there are a bunch of cool  limited edition 12″ records for sale, including music from Maria Minerva, CUTICLE, and Ital. She also likes to post retro h0use/techno stuff  featured as “Rare Silk” (see video above)  Here is an excerpt from her blog describing the video from Blue Pearl

“”NAKED IN THE RAIN,” shows the ultimate lady of house, Durga McBroom, dancing….naked in the rain. No room for misunderstanding here. I like to pride myself on remembering ridiculous singles like this one, but I don’t, and I have to admit I bought the 12″ because there was a photo of actual folds of silk on the front. Thank god silk leads to SILK. This track plays like a “Best Of” for early house mixes: beautiful black chick singing about wanting to be covered in ecstasy, chill-out groove piano chords, an acapella breakdown, some white UK ex-post-punk on the mixing board, and a confusingly third world accompanying vid.” via 100% Silk

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