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Coolrunning’s “Thunderbirds”

cool runnings.2 Coolrunnings Thunderbirds

Coolrunning’s -”Thunderbirds”

It’s six in the morning and you are finally getting your lazy self out of your friend’s, or quite possibly a stranger’s, place. You’re groggy, you smell like some kind of mutilated, cigarette infested forty ounce, and you are only just realizing that you have work you need to do in only a few hours. With a hangover and collapsed muscles, you start the engine and begin roaming the nearly empty streets. Occasionally you bump into the morning jogger who, at this point, looks like some kind of deranged alien. The sun rises in front of you and in all of your daze and exhaustion, a smirk seems to sneak forward. As I sit in my room, trying to imagine why the hell this song sounds so nostalgic, I begin envisioning this previous scene, a weirdly faded, climatic sound, like a victory only appreciated years later. Coolrunning’sThunderbirds” has a percussion that gallops forward as the bass solemnly follows in suite with a slow fall and rise. The guitars have a gritty lightness to them as they give off a nearly tropical feel. I would say imagine older Abe Vigoda meets Medications: they have a certain, dark tropical goth feel yet can still keep a playful, intricate sound. It isn’t the usual kind of sound that Coolrunning’s go far: frankly its a rather radical change from some of their other material. Yet this sound, by far, seems the most appealing and unique to me. Compare for yourself and grab a download: a six am drive never felt so grand.

- Cliff Drake

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