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Tape Deck Moutain “Secret Serf”

tape deck moutain secret serf Tape Deck Moutain Secret Serf
I get the feeling that San Diego dollfaces Tape Deck Mountain are good at mostly everything. I’ve had their solid collection of EPs on rotation for the past couple of weeks and am amazed at their ability to jump from super-heavy face-melting guitar freakouts to clever, adorably folkish sing-a-longs to wandery shoegaze and back again, sometimes all in the same track. Not to mention, they pulled off a damn fine Atlas Sound cover without it feeling pretentious. Good job, bros! They are officially replacing DollyWood as my #1 MUST-SEE for 2011. Get over to their Bandcamp site here and give them some much-deserved love.
Their newest release Secret Serf is available via Lefse Records HERE.
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