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This is the Second Album of a Band called Adebisi Shank

50061371 This is the Second Album of a Band called Adebisi Shank

Quite simply, I think the title just about summarizes everything I am about to relay to you. “This is the Second Album of a Band called Adebisi Shank“: It is the sequel to one of my personal favorites, “This is the Album of a Band called Adebisi Shank“. Yet jokes aside, I think the titles of these two albums are truly revealing. Adebisi Shank is an in your face Math-Rock band with frequent metal influences. It is intricate and like an 80′s action movie climax, it’s uplifting yet aggressive as all hell. It’s clear from the first track of “This is the Second Album” that they are trying to experiment more with electronica combinations which, honestly, scared me a little. Yet it truly isn’t a heavy influence, rather it is a small change of pace from their last album, which seemed to thrash and flurry all over the place. The Second Album is far more controlled which frankly seems fitting: after all, there are those cursed bands which fall into the leisure from a successful first album only to release pretentious excrement that seemingly attempts to regurgitate their older material. Adebisi Shank truly rises over the sophomore slump with leaps and bounds with an album that does encourage exploration, yet has a firm grounding in a sound that truly defines them. The whole album is up for streaming yet go ahead and cough up the 7 bucks: you can figure it out on your own but believe me, it’s worth it. So thanks for mixing it up once more and have fun at SXSW, the album deserves it.

- Cliff

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