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Finding Bleeding Fractals

BleedingFractals Finding Bleeding Fractals

It’s hard to pin point exactly where Bleeding Fractals is. With their latest EP (available on their bandcamp), I would say they have headed down more towards the emo, post-rock route. Yet this isn’t to say that’s all that defines them. For example, I had the delight of having them play in-studio on my radio program in which, opposed to many acts which struggle to come up with a full 40 minute set that sounds, “perfect”, Bleeding Fractals had such a wide array of songs that they seemed to purely move in and out of each song. Now clearly there is a theme: all fans of Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, and Castavet can almost be guaranteed approval. Yet it goes a little deeper than just that to me. Rather, they bring up a lot of the different 90′s emo, post-hardcore acts like Rodan and Quasi. The point I’m getting at is that these kids are not necessarily all too concerned about a “brand sound”: they certainly have elements and themes which appear in many of their songs. Yet at some points you will get brooding moments, other times spaced-out melodies, and at other times, poppy, midwestern bounce. Take a listen, grab a download, and catch them live. So here is to refusing to define yourselves: after all, what’s the fun of that?

- Cliff Drake

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