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This Week’s Past Life: “You Could Either Be Successful or Be Us”

bs This Week’s Past Life: “You Could Either Be Successful or Be Us”
Belle and SebastianIf You’re Feeling Sinister

1996, Jeepster Records/Matador

Weekends are made for Belle and Sebastian. This is not an assumption, an opinion or even an educated guess; this is a fact. The sky is blue, snow is cold to the touch, my neighbor cries too much, and the weekends are made for Belle and Sebastian – all facts.

Of all the many albums that Belle and Sebastian have put out over the years, the one that is truly weekend-worthy is 1996’s If You’re Feeling Sinister. Whether you’re laying in bed nursing a hangover, or wandering the streets with your headphones firmly pressed up against your ears, Belle and Sebastian is the perfect soundtrack. Again, fact.

Belle and Sebastian, although acquiring a decent level of mainstream popularity over the last decade, are still the masters of well-written pop songs. Granted, the world is full of bands and songwriters that are impeccable when it comes to pop songs, but Belle and Sebastian just have a lil’ something extra… perhaps, it’s Stuart Murdoch’s vocals and the slightest hint at his Scottish upbringing, or those sexy lyrics that result in the imagery of an androgynous cuddle puddle that needs no sexual definitions. Could be anything, really.

From truly sweet yet tearful ballads, like “The Boy Done Wrong Again,” to songs that literally put the “pep” in peppy, like “Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying,” there is no end to the perfection that is If You’re Feeling Sinister. Yes, the pop-loving girl inside me who resides quietly just behind my post-rock obsessed exterior puts Bell and Sebastian’s If You’re Feeling Sinister in my top five albums of all time. So that being said, I take back what I said earlier… clearly, everyday was made for Belle and Sebastian.

By: Amanda Chatel

The title track from the iconic, If You’re Feeling Sinister:

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