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Secrets “Lets Get Lazzzzzyyyy”

secrets lets get lazzzzzy Secrets Lets Get Lazzzzzyyyy

Secrets – Going Out… TONIGHT!

Australia’s  Secrets takes things to a different level with their new album Let’s Get LAZZZZZYYYY . Five tracks of classic synth sounds and beats garnished by ghostly, reverb heavy vocals make for a solid listen. Let’s Get LAZZZZZYYYY opens with INVISIBLE and RMBR U, two great slow-burn jams.  Breaking up the laid back beats and droning synthesizers is THE HEAT IS, an inspired cover of Glenn Frey’s 1985 hit The Heat is On. The momentum is continued with the two closing tracks, IWILLNOTTELLU and TVPRTY, both upbeat but keeping with the classic feel set early on in the album. Let’s Get LAZZZZZYYYY is a great album for any electro-pop fan, a blend of both the classic with a new unique style.

Article by Nick Coley

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