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ART: Subversive Cross Stitch

subversive cross stitch1 ART: Subversive Cross Stitch

The craft world has officially been overrun by counter-cultures  nimble fingers and witty edge. Julie Jackson’s line of smart-ass cross stiches and pre-threaded domestic decorations are no exception. Jackson describes herself as “not much of a joiner,” but whose to say interning for Mister Roger’s Neighborhood isn’t what all the cool kids were doing when they weren’t studying post-graduate level philosophy.
Jackson’s site, Subversive Cross Stitch, is an entertaining place. She hosts a blog, which was abandoned in 2009 but is still a hoot to look at. Additionally, for aspiring crafters she provides patterns so that you too can make and mount subversive messages in your own home!

subversive cross stitch ART: Subversive Cross Stitch
PeopleareCattle1 ART: Subversive Cross Stitch

Ever on top of her game, Jackson has just published a new series of Charlie Sheen quote cross stitches, blending pop-culture and sarcasm ever so daintily.

CharlieSheenQuote 1 ART: Subversive Cross StitchCharlieSheenQuote 2 ART: Subversive Cross Stitch
Grab your thimbles crafters and just say what we were all thinking anyway!
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