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ART: Mark Warren Jacques

mark warren jacques art 2332 ART: Mark Warren Jacques

“Books, music, marijuana,” these are Mark Warren Jacques inspirations, so what is not to love?
Jacques, a painter who shows his works all along the northwestern sea board, articulates his world with acrylic, spray paint, ink and graphite. In October a humble body of his work landed at San Francisco’s righteous Gallery Hijinks, showing a beautifully cohesive collection of landscapes, dream-scapes, memories, optical illusions and hallucinations.

mark warren jacques art 21 730x1024 ART: Mark Warren Jacques

Jacques works are both visual and sentimental, as he pays special attention to the naming of his works. Some pieces are titled with lyrics– You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth– or statements– I’m Here Now– making them purposeful and evocative. In an interview with Gallery Hijinks, Jacques commented on his titles, “The image is fleeting. Yet it remains a very very powerful object, because (at least personally I understand it this way) when we get hung up on an image, when one really speaks to us, we can relate, communicate, and connect in a way that words, and even emotions, cannot explain. In this way I can only hope the titles are bridges to that world.”

mark warren jacques art 31 ART: Mark Warren Jacques

It is impossible not to notice a just few themes that thread through Jacques works. His variations on a prism are especially enticing. Below, streams of color pour, upward, outward– and all aroundward– from shapely triangles. In this way a triangle becomes an anchor, a fulcrum between art and life.

mark warren jacques art 890x890 ART: Mark Warren Jacques

Although originally from Ohio, Jacques is now a San Francisco inhabitant, and works amongst an art collective called the Brohemians, a group of skateboard riding, art making cool kids. Jacques work is a little bit Alex Grey and a little bit op-art (think Julian Stanczak), but always psychadelic and intelligent.

mark warren jacques art 23 ART: Mark Warren Jacques

Article By,
Mary Smith

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