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Mp3: Demdike Stare “Tryptych”

demdike stare1 Mp3: Demdike Stare Tryptych

Demdike Stare is the archived madness of Sean Canty, a man obsessed with “everything from obscure Nordic Doom to Antolyan funk”, brought under the menacing techno regimen of Miles Whittaker, long-time associate of Manchester’s excellent Modern Love Records. Having secured the label of the rainy city’s finest occult obscurantist dread-merchants, Demdike Stare recently put out whopping three disc EP collection Tryptych - a palimpsest of ancient chants, bells, modulated distress calls, distorted chatter, cultish drone and tectonic bass that, before being filtered through a smog of static, is fired off foghorn-like into blackness. While Whittaker underpins Tryptych with muted techno flourishes, Canty consults every tool in his arsenal in an effort to unsettle and disconcert, short of reaching out to actually strangle you with his nimbly probing hands. This is organised horror.

You can get hold of Tryptych through Modern Love, or if you want to “preview” it, you can listen to disc 2, Voices of Dust, HERE.

Richard Greenan.

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