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The Soft Moon

the soft moon

Juxtaposition to the recent wave of happy-go-lucky surf-rock bands is the slightly scuzzy and darkly haunting vibe of dark pop. One of the most intriguing to emerge on the scene is The Soft Moon. Although they hail from sunny San Francisco, a dark underground feel in the hallmark of their sound. Tracks like When It’s Over begin with a slow and steady one, two drumbeat and are accompanied by a straightforward guitar hook. The vocals receive a heavy dose of reverb as they blend with shadowy instrumentals. Midway through the track the addition of rising and falling feedback comes in and adds a savage vibe until the track fades out with a medley of noise. The song Phantoms supplies a quicker tempo, with Joy Division influenced instrumentals from the continual steady drumbeat. Vocals jump in and out adding to the frenzied build of guitar feedback.

By: Stephanie Glass

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