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Rainbow Arabia-Boys and Diamonds

rainbow arabia boys and diamonds Rainbow Arabia Boys and Diamonds

Boys and Diamonds

Without You Nguzunguzu remix

It’s amazing how a couple of seconds can change everything. Cliched, believe me, but to be more specific, what is incredible is how a split second can make or break a song. Now perhaps you believe I am exaggerating yet all too often do I encounter a song, see so much promise, and then within a second, see that it has a long ways to go. Or, to bring up those pop-mash-up dj’s like Hood Internet and Easter Egg, a split second of a song can instantly provide a soothing nostalgia to the crowd. So what am I getting at? Nguzunguzu’s remix of Rainbow Arabia’s ‘Without You’ is hardly within the ballpark of what the original song was going for. This translates into either a grand or terrible decision. Either they provide a legitimate, artistic, reinterpretation, or they simply take a great piece of work and turn it into excrement. Luckily, although Nguzunguzu only uses about 4 seconds of samples from the original song, it seems to thrive. Relying heavily on it’s afro-beat rhythms, it provides a fresh air of adventurism to remixes that too often come off as predictable. Believe me, pop it on when you have friends over at the beginning of the night and they won’t know what hit them. With all said and done, I’d simply say that you should take a moment alone and bathe in something down to the roots of humankind. In a world filled with Oprah, Charles Manson, and Paris Hilton, it’s nice to know that roots still exist.

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- Cliff Drake

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