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Total Control -Pyre Island

Total+Control+totalll3 Total Control  Pyre Island

,The unexpected reappearance of familiar acts can be uncomfortable. My first experience of this came when I was very young: I loved Green Day, loved Dookie, and then they released American Idiot. Maybe ripping on Green Day has gotten passe but the point I’m getting at is that when bands return in a bizarrely different manner than when they had left, eyebrows begin to rise. So when Total Control released Pyre Island, I hoped for the best and expected the worst. Call me cynical, it’s just life. To provide background, Total Control last left us with a raunchy, party-hardy, garage album that left most listeners stunned. Now they come back with an almost trance-euro-house sound. You can hopefully see my point. Yet for all my cynicism, from what I’ve heard, it sounds pretty f’in good. It brings to mind Gang of Four’s recent return. Clearly they have received a lot more criticism due to their prevalence in 80′s rebel culture. yet their return album was not actually bad. I will be the first to admit that I wish Total Control had just stayed with their niche. But frankly, what’s the fun of that? Like the shark, stagnation is the death to every form of ingenuity and creativity. So why hinder it? If I had a conclusion, it would go along these lines: Not bad Total Control and bravo on the experimentation. While I’m not raving on what I’ve heard so far, it does show promise: at least someone’s got the nerve to try something new. The real question is what’s next. So what’s next, fellas?

- Cliff Drake

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