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Spectre Folk-Blackest Medicine Vol. II 12″

 Spectre Folk Blackest Medicine Vol. II 12

Spectre Folk-The_Blackest Medicine

Spectre Folk: Love Songs for Ghosts, Black Magic for Children

Remember Devendra Banhart before he cut his hair and started dating actresses, when he was a crystal-bindi’d freak who made creepy/gorgeous lo-fi that sounded like love songs written by ghosts and rested comfortably between shitty and brilliant? Even though he eventually went on to write songs about Lindsay Lohan, we mere mortals still get to enjoy the legacy of the contemporary freak-folk movement he supposedly sired, via the dark psychedelia of Woodsist collective homeboy Pete Nolan, aka Spectre Folk. The music sounds just like the name implies — shaky little haunted masterpieces, inaudible spirit choirs, thunky shuffles of rhythm guitar. And on top of his shimmery, whispery folk, Nolan manages to precariously rest weighty things: wandering percussion, shrieky pedals, overfed-back ‘Nam-era electric guitar. As it turns out, the pagan marriage of gentle freak-tape songwriter and blown-out electric blues rock is like coke-era Neil Young in all the right ways, and comes across as sexy as the nag champa-infused rug you had your last peyote vision on. Tune in & turn on, kiddos.

The Blackest Medicine, Vol. II 12″ is out March 29th on Woodsist

Article by Kelly Schirmann

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