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George Quatz “Last Summer”

george quartz2 890x890 George Quatz Last Summer

“Time moves so fast, so let’s turn to statues” opens up George Quartz’s Last Summer, this trancey, slo-jam, has a great slow/warp bass line, a cool trumpet line that pops out of nowhere, and smacks of lo-fi plastic smack.  Super relaxing.  The next track, Supercipher “There’s something in the air, I’m picking up signals”, great opening lyrical hooooooks, absolutely pretty enharmonic doublespeak.  More of an uptempo groove, but really gives you an boost while insulating you in pretty synth-magic, and Ariel pink like boosts.  A nice wobbly-reverberated french soundbite right at the end, saluted by a dial tone.  Bonjour!  Right into Butterscotch, a sweet, blanketing slow jam instrumental which has many variations.  Dude makes unbelievably relaxing jams.  Check him out here, and at georgequartz.com, and check out his porn splice magic below:

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Article by Andrew Wheeler

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