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Big Troubles “Worry”

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Big Troubles: Lovely Psychedelia for the Fuzz-pop Set

New Jersey dreamrock ballers Big Troubles ended up on a lot of best-of lists for their 2010 album ‘Worry’ (Olde English Spelling Bee), a carefully exploding collection of fuzzy, amp-blown pop songs that seem to drift in and out of consciousness while still blowing your mind wide open with heavy psychedelics. From the depressing but dance-able ‘Georgia’ to the unconscious, wandering, and very lovely ‘Astrology Screen Savers’, the album is a beautiful, near-perfect, reverb-laden astral projection from start to finish. They’re an awesome addition to OESBs flawless catalog, and come highly recommended if you are antsy for summertime, nostalgic for an old lover, or really really stoned.
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Article by Kelly Schirmann
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