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Witch Gardens-New songs

witch gardens music Witch Gardens New songs

Witch Gardens – Fiesta Texas

Seattle’s Witch Gardens pick up on the trend on low and calming vocal harmonies over more rocking vocals seen most recently by groups like Frankie Rose and The Outs. Like Frankie Rose, Witch Gardens’ sound has reminiscent strands of 60’s girl groups in their harmonies, but Witch Gardens utterances are made even more ethereal through the production styles echoing fade on new tracks like Fiesta Texas and Small Daring Boy. The soft quiet of Small Daring Boy fades in and out through your headphones until the crashing drums and strumming guitar enter and push the vocals forward with their raucous sound. The song trades the mixture of soft and hard throughout the track, creating a nice dichotomy in its three minute. As the vocals become stronger toward the end, the ability of Witch Garden gets a really chance to shine, showing perhaps it is okay to put a bit power behind those chops.

Witch Gardens: Small Daring Boy

By: Stephanie Glass

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