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Casa Del Mirto mp3′s

casa del mirto music Casa Del Mirto mp3s

The pulsating feel good vibes off these tracks are so sweet to the ears. Cool Chilly waves splashing out of warped tape effects like a long lost vhs playback. The Funk Filled bass lines Fill up the empty spaces and groove us along Casa Del Mirto‘s Soundscape Wonderland. Definitely For Fans Of Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Cfcf, Kavinsky, anything with these retro Vibes of awesomeness. The name mysteriously translates to Myrtle House, not sure if that is part of their vision or not but all in all these tracks are slick and easy going. Audio Nostalgia, Casa Del Mirtos tracks are almost entirely available on band camp, which is convenient enough for those looking for new tracks. These long lost new wave lo fi gems are easy to take in catchy melodic beauties in their own way.

by alex auclair

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