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These Are Powers Break up

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‘The End’ has always frightened me. It feels so definitive. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. A conclusion without the Q/A. So when Impose reported that These Are Powers had played their finale show with the series Death By Audio, a memorial for Ariel Panero, ending dramatically with flame and smoke as merchandise t-shirts caught a blaze, I naturally grew disheartened. After all, it felt as though These Are Powers had provided some kind of clarity in a genre often purposefully confusing. You encounter your art-school experimental acts all too often, those eagerly vague artists with little to no idea of the picture. Yet These Are Powers, or Powers as they were entitled in their final months, had actual direction in their music, a momentum of cross genres that weirdly seems inspired by Deerhoof and the very same sound that Deerhoof has lost and has tried to pursue now. The list of bands that have followed in These Are Powers‘ footsteps are numerous, with Ponytail, Crocodiles, and Black Dice ringing in my mind, yet for all the doom and gloom, we have to realize that this is hardly the end. After all, the group only started going by Powers when Bill Salas pursued an individual career as Brenmar. What I am trying to get at is that look out for these musicians in the coming months. They will come back with their own sounds, their own projects, and their own visions. Do you believe in resurrections?

- Cliff Drake

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