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Von Haze-”Get Me Alone”

 Von Haze Get Me Alone

Von Haze-Get Me Alone (excerpt)

This article is not about The xx. It is about a band that is better than The xx.

Von Haze is a Brooklyn male/female duo of Travis Kaine and Katherine Kin. They are inevitably compared to The xx due to their slow, electronic sound and their sexy, overlapping lyrics and I don’t intend to ignore this fact. But while the music from The xx seems to be made for the radio (particularly college radio) Von Haze produces a sound that is made for the live show. The former tend to do a lot Chris Isaak-icizing–making use of long, twanging guitar strums and sensitive-straight-man vocals–that is often dangerously close to the music they are referencing. But Von Haze offer a sound that is more their own.

Take, for instance, the track titled “Get Me Alone.” The song unfurls its fronds of breathy vocals, chainsaw guitars and a slow stomping drum machine. Taking time to get established, the song fills the space it has created for itself with a slow motion repetition and gradual building of synth chords. On the finish, it self-destructs, carrying though a series of dissonances that end in a barely-audible screech over a weakly-popping beat. How’s that for a sexy song construction? One can only imagine the kind of tension these two can fill a venue with.

If Caine and Kin update their Facebook page as much as most musicians do, they haven’t played a show in over a year. Give them an audience, music lovers. Here is a band with a more genuine potential than their mainstream counterparts.

They are also decent photographers, as featured on their website.

They are  in the studio right now, recording their follow up to last year’s Von Haze EP, that is set for release later this year.

Article by Weston clay

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