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Morgan Splawn aka TREEKEEPER

treekeeper2 300x300 Morgan Splawn aka TREEKEEPER

Got an email today from Morgan Splawn of Nashville regarding info on his new EP witch will soon be released under the name Treekeeper. You can listen to and download two tracks from it here and here. Treekeeper’s choppy computer based funk incorporates the nostalgia of the 80′s with a modern flare influenced by the music of artists like Flying Lotus, J Dilla, Mux Mool, and Pretty Lights. The track Swagasaurus rex is carried by a clean minimalistic slow burn beat, that is gradually layered with various synths adding an early 90′s house vibe mixed with a hip hop edge. The track Nashvillains utilizes sampled based vocal sounds that bleed into a chunky rhythm sprinkled with oriental flute sounds, that almost sound liked they are being plucked at the same time.  This track will be on Morgans upcoming album under the moniker Treekeeper, keep an eye out for it.

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