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Psychic TV DVD Black/Joy

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Guinness world book record holding (for most albums released in one year, 1986), skin grafting, reincarnating, Rick-Rubin suing been through hell and back brings us a treasure from the old world, a VHS release that was put out on their Psychic TV DVD Black/Joy.  With such beautiful members/characters like Anton LeVey, Chris Peterson, Matthew Best, Craig Ellenwood,  Gini Ball, the P -Orridges, Hugo Longden,  Jordi Valls, Isaiah Singer,  Michael Campagna, Mouse,Philipp Erb, Richard Schiessl, Sean Maher,Chandra Shukla, Scott Nobody, Max,  Lady Jaye Breyer just to name a few…
This massive collaboration produced some of the most beautiful music videos of the 1980s and forward.  Please, for your own sake, take a look at this and read about all of the members of this enamored collective….

Article by Andrew Wheeler

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