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COLLECTIVE: “Andrea Crews”

andrea crews art1 COLLECTIVE: Andrea Crews andrea crews 32 COLLECTIVE: Andrea Crews

The website of this funky French Collective says it all:

Fashion. Art. Activism.


Led by the precocious Maroussia Rebecq, Andrea Crews marries Art and Fashion together through unique designs, one-off collaborations and vintage combos. As you could imagine, the outlets for this type of project are varied and elements of advertising and activism in public space pervade their oeuvre.

newark cyp images 0231 COLLECTIVE: Andrea Crews andrea crews COLLECTIVE: Andrea Crews

What I love most about the Fashion these talented kiddies create, is how unashamedly experimental it is. They use daring patterns and craft some incredibly organic forms that wrap around the body, much like an anaconda ensnares its prey. Cheeky, obscure, playful, sexual and bold, the collections shown on their website remind me of playing in a thrift store: only this time with considered care.

andrea crews w COLLECTIVE: Andrea Crews andrea crews3 COLLECTIVE: Andrea Crews

ART Andrew Crews Burning Vogue01 COLLECTIVE: Andrea Crews

Similarly, their artistic output hums with a sense of social consciousness that ironically comments on the fashion and art industries they perpetuate. Burning Vogue (2010) resembles a ‘burning man’ sense of social anarchy in which hundreds of pages of Vogue magazine are burnt whilst an assortment of clothing laden folk circle around and chant. The beauty of this type of performance is that it attaches an overt physicality to their message – implicit in such a stunt is the idea that both art and fashion can unite the masses for good, rather than evil.

Text by Marion Piper.

andrea crews  14  COLLECTIVE: Andrea Crews

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