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Secrets-”Coverflow” Download

secrets coverflow Secrets Coverflow Download

Secrets – THE SIGN (Ace of Base cover)

Think about what would happen if someone took all of your favorite songs and put them on one album. Cool right? The best idea anyone has ever had, the mixtape of the effing year! Right? Now imagine that someone decided to take all of your favorite songs and cover them. Starting to become less of a cool idea? Sure it is. You decide that though less cool, it might not be the worst thing that has ever happened in the world. It may even (dare I say it)turn out to be alright. Right? (Kanye shrug) Maybe.

Secrets Coverflow leaves me on the fence. Truth, Paul Simons, “You Can Call Me Al” is a hokey little ditty that everyone loves, even at karaoke its hard to mess up. “The Sign” by Ace of Base, another one you can sing as horribly as you’d like and it’d still be a cool song. Lady GaGa’s” Alejandro”, no one even knows what’s going on there so no harm no foul.  (Please don’t tell the GaGa-ites that I’ve said this out loud. It has been a well guarded secret up until this point.) Oh but when one ventures to go effing with my personal ” Put on your fly boots and go stomping around the city” theme song of 2006 (Nelly Furtado’s Man Eater) , we have a little beef. Just kidding. I did have a WTF moment when I heard it coming out of the speakers though. All in all, COVERFLOW is to be taken lightly with a smile. If you are  overly critical, you’ll just end up pissed and that’s a total waste of time.

Download Secrets “Coverflow” HERE

Article by KarynRose Bruyning

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