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The Pink Noise re-issue “Guilded Flowers”

The Pink Noise   Gilded Flowers  The Pink Noise re issue Guilded Flowers

The Pink Noise-Toad

Got a message from Mark of The Pink Noise regarding a re-issue of the  album Gilded Flowers. Look for the  remastered release of  Gilded Flowers on LP which is said to sound 10 times better than the cassette or WFMU posted songs. The 1st  track Shy guy beach is really good and weird and kind of hilarious. The Toad sounds like a combo of Thurston Moore, Beck, and The Velvet Underground all throw together in a  lo-fi science fiction hot mess. Galapagos has once of the sweetest intros of yesteryear, the floating weird guitar/microphone slide sound is pleasantly disorienting, like a quiet sonic youth.

Download the original version of the album “Guilded Flowers” HERE

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