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ART: Yang Yongliang’s Landscapes

Yang Yongliang's Cigarette Landscape

A friend once told me, “There are more smokers in China, than there are people in the United States.” In China, smoking is certainly ubiquitous enough to warrant examination on a geographical scale. Shanghaiese landscape artist Yang Yongliang, does just this with his “Cigarette Landscape” sculpture.

Detail of Yang Yongliang's Cigarette Landscape

He also creates photo-collage landscapes and sculptures that are reminiscent of images in traditional Chinese art; rounded mountain ranges, dragons, huge skies. However, rather than brush and ink, Yongliang uses digital technology to pack mind-numbingly dense detail into rock formations and billowing mist, seemingly riffing on China’s urban hyper-development.

Detail of Floating Bus by Yang Yongliang

Check him out, clicking the red “detail” button is very important.

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