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Walter Schnaffs // “I am Germany” (1972)

Endless House, half finished, 1972

Walter Schnaffs – I am Germany

Dramatic Records’ recent Endless House compilation sheds light on the fascinating story of Jiri Kantor – a charismatic Czech audiophile slash borderline cult leader – and his failed Endless House project of the early 1970s. Difficult to find, and equally difficult to leave, Endless House provided a “promised land” of Moog workshops and groundbreaking synthetic music performances. Looming in the vast Białowieża Forest, the scintillatingly futuristic metal and glass obelisk attracted a community of artists, dancers, wasters, Bauhaus enthusiasts, Kommune 1 romanticists and early electronic music devotees. Sadly, as history has taught us, large-scale Utopian vanity projects tend to buckle under the weight of a few hundred hippies; Endless House was demolished after a mere six months. It’s creator, the enigmatic, self-promoting “chrome man” Kantor, dropped off the radar.

For me, the pick of the Endless House project is the monumental “I am Germany” from Walter Schnaffs – a “dubbed-out collage” of concrete and chrome. Here’s an interview with the eloquent Schnaffs himself for good measure.

Richard Greenan.

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