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Porcelain Raft’s New EP, Gone Blind

porcelain raft Porcelain Raft’s New EP, Gone Blind

It was somewhere between the two new releases from Yuck and Mogwai, that I took a breather and put on Porcelain Raft’s new EP, Gone Blind. It was actually Yuck’s cover of “Despite Everything,” that initially led me to Porcelain Raft a few months ago… which then led me to the split single by the two bands. Similar to peanut butter and jelly, the two complemented each other so well that my love for Yuck immediately expanded and enveloped Porcelain Raft, too. All was right with the world in that moment.

Despite having released Gone Blind last year, Mauro Remiddi, the singer-songwriter behind Porcelain Raft, released it again, but this time with a different track listing. Although still just four songs deep, each minute of Gone Blind is an intense waltz of reverberation and pop – perfectly placed in their line up with a bouncy beginning in the title track, then a darker three-plus-minutes with “I Found a Way.” Once you’re comfortable in the lovely haze, it’s back up again with “Dragonfly,” sounding like it jumped decades ahead to get here as it flirts with an early 1960’s feel. And while you linger in the seconds between wondering what’s next, “Talk to Me,” starts and Remiddi’s sweet vocals hum far above the beautifully caliginous tones of the song, again, creating a contrast that evokes an inner conflict of worlds. The immediate departure from the lighter melodies to the more somber ones is a perfect example of the places this four-song EP will take you. Usually four songs seems too short, however, when they’re this well done the listener has no choice, but to forgive.

By: Amanda Chatel

Upcoming shows:

24 Feb: Mercury Lounge, NYC

25 Feb: Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY

28 Feb: Great Scott, Boston, MA

02 Mar: Beatlemania, Hamburg, Germany*

03 Mar: Loppen, Copenhagen, Denmark*

04 Mar: Comet Club, Berlin, Germany*

06 Mar: B72, Vienna, Austria*

07 Mar: Hafenkneipe, Zurich, Switzerland*

08 Mar: Rocket, Milan, Italy*

10 Mar: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands*

11 Mar: Point Ephemere, Paris, France*

* dates with Yuck

“Dragonfly,” from Gone Blind:

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