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PHOTO: Arbet and Ergy

zzzzzzzzzzz PHOTO: Arbet and Ergy

Stockholm based Jeremie Egry and New York based Aurlien Arbet collaborate on a fascinating plant based exhibit called Underground. Ergy and Arbet’s minimalist approach to their subject is very captivating. A plant entangled in the fibres of a jean jacket or a tree growing out of a baseball hat. In establishing a viewpoint in these images, this subject takes on a whole new meaning. Specifically one could see the “green” aspects of material goods but is it just that? Are these green indicators meant to change our view on where we buy our bags or clothing? The most poignant picture out of the lot is the plant wedged in the middle of papers and books; as though it still grows even though it has already been turned into paper.

photography arbet ergy plant3 PHOTO: Arbet and Ergy

photography arbet ergy plant1 PHOTO: Arbet and Ergy
By: Sarah MacDonald

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