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Harmonia and Eno: “Vamos Companeros” (1976)

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It’s weird that I only realised this recently, but anything and everything Brian Eno touches is GOLD (and this man has some impressive networking skills). Above is evidence of Eno’s late ’70s dabbling with Krautrock, as he kindly offers synthy goodness and production knowhow to experimental supergroup Harmonia‘s classic LP, Tracks and Traces. As if having members of Cluster and Neu! combining their throbbing Krautrock nodes wasn’t delightful enough. The raw, organic synthwork and muscular drones of “Vamos Companeros” recall Eno’s work with Robert Fripp on the kaleidoscopically rewarding No Pussyfooting.

Oh, and here’s a bonus video of Brian Eno being interviewed by, er, Brian Eno with a wig on. Mmmm.

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Richard Greenan.

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