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Night Kids: Static Glitch Pop Goodness

NightKids Night Kids: Static Glitch Pop Goodness

What do you get when you take some Brooklyn DJ’s, give them a sick deck and infinite possibilities, and tell them to give you a theme song for not caring. It very well may come out to look something along the lines of Night Kids, Disc Jockeys with an ambivalence for ADD rattled beats and grimy drops. You even just feel dirty after listening to this stuff: take their latest release, “Off With His Head“, with its near emo-rock sample remixed intro, it takes little time to quiet down and give you an escalating sensation of what is to come. Faint lyrics lead into crashing synths and rumbling bass lines as Night Kids takes you through an almost 70′s carnivalesque haunted house ride. I may be struggling to describe this sound for good reason: it weirdly reminds me of early Girl Talk, way back when with Secret Diaries, where an eclectic sound exploded from the sound speakers, filled with disjunct, crisp cut-offs and changes in bpm’s. This is not to say that Night Kids sounds anything like Girl Talk: quite the opposite, they seem to create entire pieces of work through rarely more than perhaps 15 secs of samples. Its amazing to witness yet more importantly, it carries something particularly unique to me. Like Secret Diaries, Night Kids seems to excel when the goal is not even necessarily decided, where improvisation takes control to give a near drug addled sensation without the empty wallet and forgotten memories. To witness this addiction yourself, check them out online or better yet, catch them at your local warehouse rave: if there is one thing these guys know how to do, it’s getting people to forget who the hell they are and just have a good time. Anticipated Amnesia, sounds delightful.

- Cliff Drake

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