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Lost and Found w/ Bear Quest

BearQuest Lost and Found w/ Bear Quest

Do you ever have those moments where things, in a weird serendipitous, seem to just fit? An odd combination of fate, patience, and coincidence, certain moments in history have always kept me in awe simply due to the implausibility of the whole scenario. So when I received an email in response to the Sierra MLK Day of Service Charity from a guy I had never meet and a band I had never heard of, I had my doubts which were just as quickly crushed. Bear Quest, frankly, is a mystery band yet from the moment I stumbled onto their myspace, I fell in love. A sound reminiscent of Owen and harder moments of Ghosts and Vodka, Bear Quest opened up for Sick of the Radio’s Sierra Show and gave a proper introduction. It has it’s twangy guitars and haunting overtones, yet more importantly it has the unique ability to float throughout the song, even through all the commotion and action on stage. It is certainly not a simply casual experience, rather it is active and frantic all the while keeping it’s cool. Take “Birds (Part Uno)“, with it’s melodic, slow introduction and it’s soft percussion, it naturally escalates in a timely manner into a layered chorus of ethereal ecstasy and reverbed riffs. So here’s to Bear Quest and the beauty of entropy: I hope it leads us to another hell of a show.

- Cliff Drake

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