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Where Loose Lips Sink Ships

LooseLipsSinkShips Where Loose Lips Sink Ships

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The Mid-West Math-Rock scene is back in full force. One could argue that they never left: after all, there’s been great acts the likes of Unwed Sailor and Maps & Atlases which have been around for years. Yet it is still worth mentioning the younger generations of this movement: Ireland is certainly making its push with acts like Adebisi Shank, yet Loose Lips Sink Ships is the first of it’s kind coming out of Illinois that I have heard of in a long time. What makes them unique? Well for one, they have that unique ability mastered by acts like Dianogah to juggle both poppy melodies with nearly post-hardcore esque distortion and force. Take “Sarah Palin’s Parasailing” which, like all great mid-western math rock acts like Cap’n Jazz and Giraffes? Giraffes! they have an attraction towards choosing rather humerus titles. It’s certainly cheerful and elegant in an almost charming manner yet in addition, they always keep the presence of it’s rowdier side by implementing blasts of lo-fi distortions with the percussion playfully going with the flow. Yet by the final minute, the song has reached a peak with the drummer galloping away as a foreboding heaviness, only occasionally allowed the light of day earlier in the song, is given full attention. Once more, what’s a nice bonus to all of the above is that these guys, while their bridges seem aimed directly to the stars, seem to have their heads on the ground so are overall, very friendly fellows. And yes, I did just call them fellows. Anyways to wrap this up: please, please, please, come out to the North-East. I swear we don’t bite.

- Cliff Drake

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