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ART: Michelle Fleck

michelle fleck ART: Michelle Fleck

San Francisco based painter Michelle Fleck captures the beauty of urban decay and its constant reinvention by man in her paintings. Originally from Whittier, CA she was intrigued by the city of SF after many visits and decided to move there and pursue an art degree at SF State University. She graduated in 2009 and has held various art shows throughout the city.

Artist quote:

“My work focuses on the relationship between man and the landscape. I am interested in how our desire to replace what is old and dated is manifested in the urban landscape. My paintings serve as snapshots of an ongoing cycle of wear and replacement, showing our constant reinvention of the landscape around us, and the marks we leave upon it. My hope is that these pieces have a sense of relevancy in a culture driven by a need for change and newness.”

michelle fleck art44 890x890 ART: Michelle Fleck

michelle fleck art 2 890x890 ART: Michelle Fleck

michelle fleck art3 890x890 ART: Michelle Fleck

michelle fleck art4 ART: Michelle Fleck

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