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paul hermes 42 PHOTOGRAPHY: Paul Hermes

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you happened to noticed something you might dub “interesting” and then go diving for your camera (or phone, as it were these days) only to find you 1) forgotten it or 2) whatever was photo-worthy has now slipped away, there is hope for you. Enter: Paul Hermes. Hermes is the kind of photographer who is at-the-ready, seeming to constantly document those random images that elude the regular pedestrian, either because they didn’t notice and/or they didn’t have their camera out. Thank your lucky stars … Hermes is paying attention.

paul hermes 5 PHOTOGRAPHY: Paul Hermes

Particularly noteworthy is his “In Between” series (I, II, III & IV) that showcases energetic and spontaneous moments of life that would otherwise go unnoticed or undocumented. Hermes points us to these moments as if to say, look at this! look at this – and remember. Where in days of yore, photography memorialized special occasions, markers of time, celebrations and portraiture, long live the candid shot of a fleeting scene, moment or happy accident, frozen for a moment in a photograph that would usually be missed (or worse still, unmemorable). Hermes highlights the randomness of life, in its fraction-of-a-second rumblings and points us toward the beauty, surprise, and simple modernity of what surrounds us in our daily routines.

© W. Laurie Ewer

paul hermes 2 PHOTOGRAPHY: Paul Hermes

paul hermes 9 PHOTOGRAPHY: Paul Hermes

paul hermes 22 PHOTOGRAPHY: Paul Hermes

paul hermes PHOTOGRAPHY: Paul Hermes

paul hermes 3 PHOTOGRAPHY: Paul Hermes

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